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St John the Evangelist church is located at the crossroads in Hazelwood.  The Vicarage is on Hob Hill, next door but one to the church.


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(Drag the little yellow man until the dotted circle beneath him is located over the word "Hill" by the crossroads.  Then look around by click and dragging the screen left or right!)


Our Vicar can be contacted as follows:

Rev Nicky Fenton

Telephone: 01332 486100

Mobile:   07811 957913  



Alternatively, please contact one of the Churchwardens:         

Mr David Joseph Telephone:  01159 728723; Mobile: 07967 300535; email: shirleyviii@btinternet. com


For the Memorial Hall please contact Mrs Laura Storey email:

To provide feedback about this website, please email : John Chadwick